Community Footage Project title

WPA FILM LIBRARY is thrilled to announce its new program, specifically designed for Universities and Libraries. We proudly introduce WPA’s COMMUNITY FOOTAGE PROJECT.

This revolutionary new licensing model allows libraries and universities to purchase stock footage in bulk for use by university students and library patrons to help round out their vision with the use of primary source video material in:

  • Non-broadcast Features
  • Short Film Productions
  • Documentaries
  • Video Reports
  • Film Editing Course Projects

Licensing stock footage upfront and in bulk as part of our COMMUNITY FOOTAGE PROJECT offers HUGE cost-savings over licensing stock footage for one-off orders. Paying upfront for stock footage also helps you to better budget your resources.

Large Pricing, 45 Minutes of Material for $25,000
Medium Pricing, 30 Minutes of Material for $15,000
Small Pricing, 15 Minutes of Material for $10,000
Special Pricing, 5 Minutes of Material for $1,000

All footage is for non-broadcast, educational use in North America only.
Prices above reflect a 1-year term.

Two students smiling while reviewing videos on a screen