Calle Rafel Day

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Year Shot:
1996  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Cuba 8-B
00:05:26:- tight LS of people walking along a closed-off (to traffic) street in a merchandise mart. Good MS's of an old man streetcleaning with broom and bin. 00:06:16:- MS's inside a clothing store as customers browse the mostly t-shirt and short pant merchandise. 00:06:39:- good low angle MS of a bored and lonely looking young woman leaning from a window of her 2nd story home. MS of a sign hanging over a sidewalk, reads, "Restaurante Daytona". Nice tight Ls of people walking along a street that's been torn up for repair (no signs or anything, just small piles of rubble). 00:07:22:- Panning (right) inside a barren government store as people walk around quietly, disconcertedly. MS of sign outside building, reads, "Mercado Pinocho". Zooming MS of an employee helping out a lady with her subsidies. 00:08:18:- CU's of fairly sparse displays inside a department store: ceramic clowns and candy jars. Panning MS's of a Special Offer display that is completely empty except for a mannequin's head and hand. Panning tight LS's inside the empty yet still open for business department store.