Varadero Beach Resort (B-Roll)

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Varadero, Cuba
Year Shot:
1996  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Cuba 14-B
00:08:21:- MS of 2 sunbathers sitting on the beach. MS of people gathered by a grass hut on the beach; zoom out and pan right to tight LS of gorgeous beach and ocean as the tanned and rested mill about leisurely. High angle MS of several grass umbrellas on the beach, the tide rolling in in BG. MS's of a topless sunbather standing proudly on the beach, oblivious to the fact it's not France and it's not a nude beach... oops, sweetheart. MS of a young woman wearing a black bikini looking at ebony jewelry on a vendor's patio table; CU of her hand as she picks up various bits of jewelry, tilt up to her face as Ernesto asks her where she's from (Canada). MS of a buff shirtless male speaking into a microphone next to a DJ booth on a patio; he calls for all those from Canada to dance with him; cut to MS of him dancing with a blond woman. 00:10:54:- panning tight LS of the extravagant pool area at the Melia Varadero on a sunny afternoon. Cut to tight LS of the resort's front entrance. More shots of the pool and recreation areas as people swim and play basketball; great blue water and luxury landscaping. High angle tight LS's of the fountain and lush vegetation inside the hotel lobby. MS's and CU's of a Guess Jeans display inside the hotel lobby.