New Jets Highlight Air Show

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England, Great Britain
Year Shot:
1957  (Actual Year)
00:16:59 - 00:18:07
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Poor image quality. At the annual Farnborough air show, the RAF stages a spectacular show of winged might. Showcasing the striking power of the RAF Establishing shot - The S-R 53 one of Britain's jet planes is looked at by hundreds of people. MS - In flight the Scimitar 'fighter bomber' flying by the people at the air show, the pilot brings the jet down very low before he raises the nose to get some altitude. Air to Air - The Hawker Hunter a very impressive plane for 1957. The pilot rolls the plane in flight and fly s it up-side-down. Air to Air - The Hawker Hunter is carrying a guided missile the fire streak. Air to Air - A group of Sea Hawks, jet guardians of the fleet flying in formation. Air to Air, CUS - The mighty Vulcan multi jet bomber its radical design proven by a year of operational service, that includes the hydrogen bomb test. Air to Air - Civilian turbo prop transport winds up the show on British Air Power Today