40 And 8 Parade - American Legion

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Atlantic City, New Jersey
Year Shot:
1957  (Actual Year)
00:41:56 - 00:42:48
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Poor image quality. Some film disturbance during the filming, moving back and fourth a little jumpy from 00.42.05 - 00.42.12 then its ok. In Atlantic City, the 40 and 8, fun-makers of the American Legion, stage their annual antic parade. It's all aboard for hi-jinks and hilarity. Establishing shot - This 40 and 8 Parade is taken place in the evening. A make-shift engine with 40/8 in the front of it. MS - Clowns holding a banner (Brooklyn U*S*A). MCUS - Smooth haired Fox Terrier. MCUS - Guy dressed up as a hula dancer. MCUS - Man sitting in a shopping cart with his legs hanging over the basket and he's wearing a sombrero. MCUS - A duck in a shopping basket with wheels. MCUS - A man wearing a women's shortie nightgown, a ball falls out of his bra, a retired soldier wearing his uniform, picks up the ball and sticks it back into the guy's bra. MCUS - A Model T rocking back and fourth. CUMS - Another train engine, this one is made a little better than the first one.