Rice - Feast And Famine

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Bombay, India and Taiwan
Year Shot:
1958  (Actual Year)
00:42:30 - 00:43:51
Tape Master:
Original Film:
In India's great Bombay, millions line up patiently for handfuls of rice and American grain, rationed against the threat of famine that confronts the nation. Meanwhile, Formosa luxuriates in the biggest rice crop in the history of the island, 2 million tons. Establishing shot - Crowded streets of Bombay with trucks and wagons loaded with huge bags of rice. CUS - Man pulling a wagon stock piled with bags of rice, he passes the camera. MS- Men sitting by the rice, a young boy sits on top of the rice.. MSOH - Men are queued in line standing patiently. CUS - Rice being poured on a scale. MS - Red China, Taiwan , Philippines, Japan and the Pacific Ocean ( Drawn Map) Camera zoom in on Taiwan and goes over to an aerial shot of rice paddies. MCUS - Farmer cultivating the rice paddy fields. Aerial shot - Workers in the fields. CUS - Workers hitting the plants on a wire that' s placed over a basket. CUS - Pair of hands holding rice. CUS - Chinese girl wearing a coolie hat with a big smile on her face. MS - Workers in the field bundling up the rice plants.