London's Smithfield Market Burns

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London, England
Year Shot:
1958  (Actual Year)
00:50:07 - 00:51:10
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Original Film:
In a blaze reminiscent of the worst days of World War II, London s vast Smithfield meat market burns in one of the capitols greatest fires since WWII. The fire began in the markets underground callers turning miles of tunnels into a smoke filled maze. The conflagration last 2-days resulting in total destruction that defies fire-fighters. Establishing shot - In the darkness of London you see a conflagration that lights up the sky and silhouettes of fire fighters battling a hopeless cause. MCUS - Two firefighters holding a fire hose expelling water. Looking up - Upstairs of the building where fire is lashing out at the sky. CUS - Profiles of two firefighters directing the water coming out of the hose at the uncontrollable fire. MS - A horrendous sight as the fire outline the windows and doors of the building. Parts of the building is starting to collapse. OHS - The skeletal remains of the building engulfed by the fire. The skeletal remains collapsing down to the earth leaving nothing by charred bits of metal and wood. MS - In the darkness of the night a tower is collapsing.