Fashions: New Plumage For Ski-Birds

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Tyrol, Austria
Year Shot:
1958  (Actual Year)
00:36:27 - 00:37:22
Tape Master:
Original Film:
In the Tyrol, Austria some cute little ski-birds show off their new winter plumage, perky picture essay proving that for winter sports fashions you can't do better than the very home of winter sports, the Alps. Establishing shot - A ski lodge on the second floor standing on the balcony two cuties are throwing snow-balls. CUS - Another pritty gal standing on the ground is throwing snow-balls back at the gals on the balcony. She is wearing a llama jacket with a hood. CUS - Two models walk in one is wearing a real cute ski outfit framed by a hood and the other one is wearing a jacket with colored squares and a hood trimmed in fur. Their friend who is taking care of the fire is wearing a hot pink ski outfit. CUS - Two models come in from the cold one is wearing a day dress and the other is wearing a ski outfit, they both sit down and order a hot toddy. CUS - One model is wearing a hounds tooth ski outfit and the other one is wearing a light blue ski outfit and her booths have bells on the back.