Missile Fleet: First Destroyer In Lethal Debut

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Pacific Ocean
Year Shot:
1958  (Actual Year)
00:33:03 - 00:33:55
Tape Master:
Original Film:
The newest addition to the navy's guided missile fleet, the first of 15 Destroyers. Fitted with new stabilizing gear below the water line plus the latest in anti-submarine ordnance, her big punch is 'Terrier' guided missiles, demonstrated as a drone bomber is a target, hit and downed. The open ocean is the venue for the Navy's Guided Missile Fleet. MCUS - The two missiles on the back of the Naval Destroyer. MLS - The rockets are aimed and fired, you see them launched off the back of the destroyer. As the rocket is launched it leaves a trail of fire and smoke. MS - A closer look at the rocket being fired off the rear end of the destroyer. Once again a trail of smoke and fire follows the rocket on its launch. MS - A bomber flying in the sky, you see the rocket approaching the plane as its target. MS - The second rocket hits the plane, and the plane's engines are spitting fire and smoke, before it hits the ocean the whole plane falls apart hitting the water in many pieces. MS - The pieces of the plane hits the water and blows up in fire and smoke.