Air Tragedy: British Jet Kills 26 Spectators At Air Show

Farnborough, England
Year Shot:
1952  (Actual Year)
00:33:54 - 00:34:57
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Dull, faded in imagery and contrast At the Farnborough air show, super-sonic tragedy strikes from the sky when a new jet rips apart in mid-air, strews wreckage over the crowd. Two crewman, 26 onlookers die, 64 are injured. Disaster scene. Soldiers removing bodies. Spectators. OHLS - A crowd of 130,000 gaze skyward as a jet bomber disintegrates MLS - POV- Ground - Pieces of the plane falling from the sky MCUS - Spectators sitting on the ground looking up MLS - You see the motor of the plane falling from the sky into the crowd MLS - The fuselage of the plane falling from the sky, it houses the pilot and co-pilot. It hits the ground and explodes MLS - Rescue workers carry the body of a dead person on a stretcher MCUS - Three spectators kneeling down next to an injured woman MLS - A burned hole in the ground where the motor landed on top of some people CUS - A family, mom, dad and boy openly crying and shaken from the tragedy MLS - More rescue people carrying dead people on a stretcher