Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activiti...

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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.29.30-ERVIN with gavel] AFTERNOON SESSION-, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1978 Senator ERVIN. The committee will come to order. Senator Gurney, you may resume your examination. Senator GURNEY. Thank You, Mr. Chairman. Mr. DEAN. Senator Gurney. I wonder before -we proceed. counsel has a, couple of exhibits that were in my folder this morning that we did not get to, to insert and there was I request made by the committee yesterday and at, this time he would like to insert them Into the record. Senator GURNEY. Yes, pursuant to request. Mr. McCANDLESS. Excuse me, Mr. Chairman and 'Senator Gurney. I think it was Senator Weicker who requested yesterday the Sullivan memorandum. I have that. There is another memorandum here marked confidential we would like to turn over to the committee without description, unless the chairman or counsel would like Mr. Dean to read it, but at this time we would like to turn these over. I also understand that there may be some confusion about some part of a list that has been left out of the opposition list. All we can say is that last night, as -we were looking for the files to respond to this committee's request, that list was hastily assembled. We hope that it came here all intact. We had no other reason to think otherwise. If we could have a Xerox copy back of the list, we would then be able, to ascertain whether everything was in it or not. Senator ERVIN. There are two documents, I wish that Mr. Dean would search his files and see if he has copies of them. One is what is called a decision memorandum which bears the letterhead: White House, Washington, July 15, 1970; and the other--- Mr. McCANDLESS. Would you repeat that? Senator ERVIN. Decision memorandum, the White House, Washington, July 15, 1970, and the subject, is "Domestic Intelligence." And the other is organization and organizations of the, interagency group on domestic intelligence and internal security, IAG. These were two documents that were printed in the "New York Times and the Washington Post, but were not in the documents that Mr. Dean turned over to Judge Sirica and Judge Sirica turned over to the committee. Mr. DEAN. Senator, to the best of my knowledge, I do not have those, documents, but I will check and I probably will have, to go to my White House files to ascertain if they are located in those files. Mr. McCANDLESS. If the, committee can give any help to Mr. Dean in respect to Senator Gurney's request on the financial records that are still in the EOB or as to the, rest -of Mr. Dean's files, it would be helpful because. he does have some problem in getting in there and copying those. Senator ERIN. Yes. You might let Mr. Dean identify the so-called Sullivan memorandum, and then we will mark it. Mr. DEAN. It is a memorandum, there are several memorandums with the envelopes in which I received them. They are typed by Mr. Sullivan as Mr. Sullivan told me he had typed them. One is a, memorandum re President Johnson, "Politics and the FBI." The other one is headed top secret with preface, and then the first line is he indicates he will make a general statement relative to the FBI and politics in various administrations. And then on subsequent pages he sets those circumstances out. There is also a note to me from Mr. Sullivan in -Which he indicates the contents are self -explanatory, and asks me to take recognition and tolerance to his own poor typing. Then, there is another letter I received from him classified secret, re. Watergate, and in which he indicates in light of the recent hearings it, could be that specific probing of the Watergate affair may turn out to be more troublesome than anticipated and indicates, he would be willing to testify on behalf of the administration and draw a clear contrast between this administration and past administrations with reference to information that he had in his possession and knowledge [00.35.02]