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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.45.26-GURNEY questions DEAN about his handling of cash funds in his custody. DEAN explains his actions in light of the demands to get cash to bribe the defendants to keep silent] Senator GURNEY. If you were requesting it just to make the fund whole, why would you be so unwilling to part with the $15,000 that you had? Mr. DEAN. Because as I say, there was pressure from the White House and within days after Mr. Stans returned or sent over the $22,000, the demand reached such a crescendo that in fact I was asked to go to Mr. Haldeman and get authorization to use, the entire $350,000. And I was very much aware of being in the Middle of the dual conversation, on the one hand to make the funds whole, and simultaneously with making money available to pay the defendants. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. Senator GURNEY. Well, I must say I am puzzled. I do not quite follow the reasoning. First you say that you did not use the $15,200 which came from the $22,000 to return it and make it whole again because you thought that money might be used for silence money. But, then, when I asked you when you requested it from Mr. Stans, you had no compunctions about that. You said, "Well, that was not going to be used for that." Now, which is which? Mr. DEAN. Well, as I say, I was not discussing with Mr. Stans the fact that there was pressure being placed on the White House to pay money, that was coming to me from other channels. I was always hopeful that -we would find some remedy, that that $350,000 would not be used to pay for the support of these individuals. There was certainly no certainty that that would or would not happen. I had discussed it, with Mr. Haldeman, the, fact that they were asking for the money. Mr. Haldeman agreed that we ought to make the money whole. I told him that there. were demands and there were requests upon it. So I kept the $15,200 totally out of the conversations. Senator GURNEY. But the $15,200 had come out of the, $22,000, had it not? Mr. DEAN. That is Correct. [00.47.02-GURNEY wants to portray DEAN'S dealings with the cash funds as corrupt in some way. DEAN counters] Senator GURNEY. I should think the logical thing to have done would be to return that and also to have added $6,800 from Mr. Stans and made it whole. Mr. DEAN. Well, Senator, from where I was sitting, that seemed like a great risk that that money was going to go to pay the defendants. Senator GURNEY. Was it, not a greater risk for you to have it and be short the $4,850 which it was short? Mr. DEAN. I was quite. prepared to make that money -whole at any point in time. Senator GURNEY. When you put the check in the, envelope that contained the $15,200, your check, I understand, of $4,850---- Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Senator GURNEY. What account -was that drawn on? Mr. DEAN. It was drawn on my personal checking account. Senator GURNEY. Was there, enough money in the checking account to cover it? Mr. DEAN. NO, there -was not at that time, but on previous occasions, I had overdrawn my account and it had been covered. Within 24 hours, I was able to get the money in the bank and cover it. Senator GURNEY. I have here, a copy of a bank statement that at came in at noontime, from the National Savings & Trust Co., showing an account to John Wesley Dean III. Is that, the account that you drew the check on? Mr. DEAN. I assume, because that is the, only checking account I have at that bank. Mr. THOMPSON. I might, point out, Senator Gurney and Mr. Chairman, this is pursuant to a subpena signed by the, chairman on the 22d of this month. We received certain records--they were, being compiled, they -were furnished to us over the noon recess. I have here the document that Senator Gurney is making reference to, which is a bank statement dated October 26, 1972, on the National Savings & Trust Co., Washington, D.C. So I have here two copies for you and counsel. I submit, it -at this time. [the statement is passed to DEAN] [00.49.45--GURNEY continues to pursue the angle of accusing DEAN of embezzling campaign funds to discredit his charges against HALDEMAN, EHRLICHMAN, AND NIXON] Senator GURNEY. I wonder if you would look at the, bank statement and tell the, committee how much money you had in the checking account at that time, Mr. Dean. Mr. DEAN. At -which time, Senator Senator GURNEY. October 12. Mr. DEAN. The. balance indicates about $1,600. Senator GURNEY. $1,623.12, is that not correct? Mr. DEAN. That, is correct. Senator GURNEY. Yet, you put in your file -where you were keeping the money in trust, a, check for $4,850. Mr. DEAN. That is correct. [00.50.20]