Red Lie Bared: Germ War Confession Forced, Fliers Say

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Year Shot:
1953  (Actual Year)
00:42:27 - 00:44:42
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The true story behind red charges of germ warfare in korea. American fliers who signed 'confessions' tell how Chinese communists forced their signatures, and brand the charges as utter lies. Just released Chinese communists films with the so called confessions of captured American military men. Camera pans showing the captured Americans. CUS - Air Force Lieutenant, Paul Mist. " We can tell that they were germ bombs from ordinary bombs with the loading time. Germ bombs were loaded 15 minutes before making, where ordinarily our air craft were loaded two hours or more, before a mission". This is what Lieutenant Mist is given the opportunity to speak freely after he got out of the red prison camp. Lieutenant Mist: "I would be glad to have the opportunity to make a statement regarding the charges. I did make confessions up there, so called confessions, recordings, movies and interviews with reporters. All this so called information, confessions given to you was entirely without basis, was brought on me by torture, mental and physical. Before each and every interview, each movie and each recording I was specifically told by Chinese communists that I was going to make that recording, that movie or that interview. I was given the opportunity of death if I did not, told me I would not leave North Korea alive if I did not, that I would not leave that vicinity alive if I did not make that recording, interview or confession". (During this time with the press Lieutenant Mist sat at a table with two microphones looking directly into the camera lens).