Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activiti...

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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.51.14-DEAN identifies more documents about the ENEMIES LIST, concerning MUSKIE and McGOVERN campaign workers-it's amazing how matter of fact DEAN is in mentioning that there could possibly be an 'Enemies Project' in the White House] The next document I have is a list of the McGovern campaign staff. This list was prepared by Mr. Murray Chotiner and sent to me. Mr. Chotiner had some discussions with Mr. Ehrlichman about, this, and he was to prepare a list and send it over to me pursuant to some instructions and directions he had from Mr. Ehrlichman. Mr. DASH. Now, do you characterize that list as a so-called enemies list or a campaign contributors list? Mr. DEAN. This was to go into the general enemies project, which I might add at, this point generally went into the file, where it remained. The next document, dated November 5, 1971, is a memorandum from Gordon Strachan to me regarding J. Irwin Miller. It notes that "You will probably notice in this morning's news summary that J. Irwin Miller, who is still giving money to Democrat John Lindsay, though he states he will support, R.N., is also a backer of Lugar, I trust that you will use this information as you see fit in the enemies project,." Attached is the news summary of that day. The, next document I have starts "Politicos continued." This is a document that came out of Mr. Colson's office to me. Mr. DASH. What Is that ? Have you Identified that document? Mr. DEAN. Yes, I have. Mr. DASH. Is that also an enemies document Mr. DEAN. That is correct. That was a part--this is one of the, updates. I am sure there was a cover memorandum or probably it, is in my files somewhere In the White House that this was related to. The next document is dated November 11. It is a memorandum from a member of Mr. Colson's staff. The subject is -"Opponents' List," and it has, it is directed to Marge Acker, Pat Buchanan, John Dean, Dan Kingsley, Larry Higby, Gordon Strachan, Van Shumway, Gerry Warren, and Lucy Winchester. Connected to that is a similar list with more additional names, these all coming from Mr. Colson's office And there is a third document, dated June 2, of the, same nature. Mr. DASH. The same origin? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. There is a duplicate document of the same nature. Another one dated 'May 16. the same origin, as I say. this list was continually being updated, and the file, was several inches thick. [00.54.45-INSIGHT INTO THE SYSTEMATIC NATURE OF SINGLING OUT ENEMIES-narrowed down to a "top twenty"] The next document is a memorandum of September 14, 1971, from me to Mr. Higby, indicating a list of names that he had requested as 'Well as additional materials containing other names, I might as well read the memorandum: The list I have prepared Is merely suggestive; it is based on conversations I had with others regarding persons who have both the desire and capability of harming us. The list is limited to less than 20 persons, as it would be most difficult to proceed with more at this time. I would hope we would continue to feed additional names into the process every few months, but we must keep this project within reasonable bounds. I will await the review of these names as I feel certain there will probably be additions and deletions from the list. Before I take any action, please keep the list at least 20 or less. Attached is a list that was prepared based on a document that Mr. Colson had gone through and picked out some 20 key names. [00.56.01]