Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activiti...

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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[01.00.11-DEAN continues to identify documents related to the White House ENEMIES LIST] Mr. DASH. But can you tell us whether or not that document was in fact sent forward? Mr. DEAN. Either in this form or in some form where -the names were typed on It. Mr. DASH. Thank you, Mr. DEAN. Mr. DEAN. I Just noticed there were two other documents attached to that. On July 16, 1971, there is another update on the opponents list, adding a name. This again is from Mr. Colson's office. Senator ERVIN. With Senator Inouye's indulgence, I am going to ask- you one question about a paper that you identified in this connection called "Subject: Opponent Priority Activity," a three-page document and see If you can give me the date of the origin of that. Mr. DEAN. Senator, I am not sure which document you are referring to. Senator ERVIN. It is the one called, "Subject: Opponent Priority Activity," on the heading It is three pages. You had it this morning. Mr. DASH. I have that, Mr. Dean. I didn't forward that to you here. I can forward that to you now. The one I think you identified at the end of the morning session--one that had a memorandum of June 24 from Mr. Bell. Mr. DEAN. Yes. I was forwarding that. Senator ERVIN. I want to find out, on page 2, the, name of Sterling Munro, Jr., Senator Jackson's AA. Do you have anything that indicates whether Mr. Munro was added on the list of opponents? Mr. DEAN. No. I don't. This is one, of the--I can only assume that this 'was around June 24 when the document was prepared by a member of Mr. Colson's staff and forwarded to my office as a part of this general list, Senator ERVIN. That would be June 24, what year? Mr. DEAN. That is 1971. Senator ERVIN. Thank you. Mr. DASH. Could I have the documents back, Mr. Dean ? [01.02.12-ERVIN HUMOR!!!] Senator ERVIN. I can't forbear observing when I consider the list of opponents why the Democratic vote was so light in the general election. Senator BAKER. Mr. Chairman. Senator ERVIN. Yes, Sir. [01.02.31-BAKER GETS INTO THE ACT] Senator BAKER. I really even in my wildest dreams 'would not think of trying to improve or embellish on your story but you told it better the first time -when -you leaned over to' me and you said "I think I am going to demand a recount," when you said "There are more enemies than we got votes." [Laughter.] [01.02.58] Senator ERVIN. Senator Inouye. Senator INOUYE. Mr. Chairman, the charges contained in Mr. Dean's testimony are extremely serious with potentially grave consequences. The President of the United States has been implicated, and because of the. gravity of these charges, I believe that the witness, Mr. John Dean, should be subjected by this committee to the most intense interrogation to test his credibility. It -would appear to me, that a most appropriate credibility test would be one prepared by the White House and as you, Mr. Chairman know, the White House has prepared a memorandum and a set of questions for use by this committee. These questions should serve as a substitute, admittedly not the very best, but a substitute for cross-examination of Mr. Dean by the President of the United States. Accordingly, I believe that it -would be most appropriate to use these questions and to use the memorandum, [01.04.12-TAPE OUT]