Oil Blaze and Blasts Sweep Town

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Whiting, Indiana
Year Shot:
1955  (Actual Year)
00:00:15 - 00:01:15
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Original Film:
Audio is low on screener Whiting Indiana is almost engulfed in flames and smoke that roll 400 feet into the air as an oil refinery fire runs amuck, for almost two days on the shores of Lake Michigan. A million gallons of gasoline pose almost an impossible task for firefighters. A series of blast and explosions rock the country side. Despite heroic efforts the explosions hurl tons of steel from storage tanks into the community. Establishing shot - Thick black smoke billowing up into the sky from the oil refinery. Aerial shot - Oil tanks on fire. LS - This clip is shot in a Whiting, IN neighborhood. You can see the fire and smoke in a short distance. MLS - Smoke and fire filling the sky. MLS - Firefighters with fire hoses directing the water at the fiery blaze. MS - Some of the fire spread to the street, thick smoke and fire. CUS - A few firemen putting the fire out on the grass and streets. CUS - A the oil containers exploded they hurled huge chunks of steel that landed on pedestrians lawns, houses and garages. Houses, garages, cars lawns are destroyed by the huge hunks of steel that flew through the air.