Fall Fashion Parade

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New York, New York
Year Shot:
1955  (Actual Year)
00:23:22 - 00:25:20
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Audio is low on screener Designer Charles Gelatt displays the latest in his fashion line. The forward look in design is modeled by a pretty foursome, a colorful day and evening collection for fall. Establishing shot - Charles Gelatt sitting down and sketching designs of evening gowns. MCUS - Two models one sitting in the car and the other one standing by the drivers side. She is wearing a tweed woolen coat, buttons down the back and a waist high slit, accented by a pill box hat with feathers and kid gloves. MCUS - Model is wearing a velvet dress with a coat to match and embroidery 13 inches to the bottom of the hem line. Her hat looks like a bird landed on her head and has of yet to tuck his feathers away. MCUS - Green with envy. A satin green dress with an intriguing collar. MCUS - Models driving the car and Charles Gelatt sitting at a table smiling. CUS - Model is wearing a gray chiffon dresses accented by white satin. CUS - Model is wearing a white satin coat lined with deep purple.