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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.30.46-Sen. INOUYE continues to read the memo accusing DEAN of masterminding WATERGATE and the COVERUP] Senator INOUYE. [QUOTING W.H. MEMO] "It -was Dean who was the agent in some of the money dealings with the arrested persons." Mr. DEAN. Would you repeat that, please, Senator? Senator INOUYE. "It was Dean who -was the agent in some of the money dealings with arrested persons." Mr. DEAN. I never had any direct dealings with any of the arrested persons. I conveyed messages back of the pressure that was being placed, not only on the reelection committee, but ultimately on the White House, particularly the one that, came to my attention -where a threat had been delivered directly to me of concern to Mr. Ehrlichman. I think I testified that Mr. Ehrlichman raised that immediately with Mr. Mitchell when Mr. Mitchell did attend a meeting in Mr. Ehrlichman's presence. Senator INOUYE. Did you have any dealings with arrested persons? Mr. DEAN. Direct dealings? I had a telephone conversation, the telephone conversations I have discussed -with Mr. Liddy, the meeting I had with Mr. Liddy. I have never met Mr. Hunt other than the meeting one occasion I referred to when he was in Mr. Colson's outer office in August of 1971, which is 'roughly the time, I recall meeting him, after having seen him in there on a number of occasions, I have never met any other individuals. Senator INOUYE. Did you in fact discuss money with Mr. Liddy? Mr. DEAN. Mr. Liddy at the time I called him--this was in January, I believe, it was January 5 of this Par. He had been trying to reach Mr. Krogh. He had received a letter from the Senate Commerce Committee investigators and they were seeking responses from Mr. Liddy regarding Mr. Krogh. Liddy then called Krogh, Krogh did not take the call. That is one of the documents that -was not submitted, which I -have submitted to the committee,, the gist of the call that was returned to Liddy. I had a, report subsequently that Mr. Liddy was rather miffed and a little outraged at the fact that he couldn't get hold of who he thought was a good and loyal friend, Mr. Krogh, Mr. Krogh asked me if I would personally do something about that. That Saturday, I called Mr. Liddy just to tell, to convey to him the reasons that Mr. Krogh did not wish to speak with him, because he wanted to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee in connection with his confirmation hearing that he had not, talked With Mr. Liddy. So; I explained this to Mr. Liddy and during the course of that conversation, Mr. Liddy told me, he said he hoped that somebody -would take care, of the, attorneys fees, I reported to -Mr. Liddy that I -would pass that message, along. [00.33.30] Senator INOUYE. [QUOTING W.H. MEMO.] "It was Dean who told Colson not to make a transcript of Colson's taped conversation with Hunt and said that he, Dean, would handle the matter." This is a report from the Federal prosecutors, reported in the 'New York Times. Mr. DEAN. That is not correct. To the contrary, I made a transcript of Mr. Colson's telephone conversation on a cassette tape shortly after Mr. Colson brought me his IBM tape of the, conversation. I took a copy of that and played it for Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ehrlichman at Camp David on November 15. Later that afternoon, after getting instructions that I should raise this with Mr. Mitchell, that he should take care of the problem for Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ehrlichman, I took it to New York with me and played it for Mr. Mitchell as well. I got no instruction at that point in time from Mr. Mitchell. Senator INOUYE. Where is the tape? Mr. DEAN. It has been turned over--the committee has a copy of the transcript of the conversation . Senator INOUYE. I do not know if they have the tape or not. Mr. DASH. Senator Inouye, we do not have the tape, I am assuming the prosecutors have it. We have a transcript of the tape'. [00.34.44] Senator INOUYE. [QUOTING W.H. MEMO] "Throughout all of this, Dean was perfectly situated to mastermind and to carry out a coverup since, as counsel to the President and the man in charge for the White House, he had full access to what was happening in the investigation. He sat in on FBI interviews with White House witnesses and received investigative reports. Dean and Ehrlichman met with Attorney General Kleindienst late in July. The Attorney General described the investigation and said that it did not appear that any White House people or any high-ranking committee people were involved in the preparation or planning or discussion of the break-in.'" This is from Mr. Ehrlichman. [00.35.26] Mr. DEAN. Senator, if I just might add one point. I do not know if the committee has a copy of the cassette that I prepared based on Mr. Colson's tape. I do have that In my possession and will be happy to turn that over to the, committee. Mr. DASH. We, do not have it. Mr. DEAN. YOU do not have that? All right. On the other comment you made regarding the Attorney General's public statements. I never discussed with Mr. Kleindienst the coverup that was going on at the White House and the investigation I am sure he is referring to there was his own conclusion. [00.36.10]