Boulevard de San Rafael street scenes

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Boulevard de San Rafael, Cuba
Year Shot:
1996  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Cuba 7
07:15:50:- street scenes of a typically busy afternoon on the Boulevard, in MS and tight LS. Mostly pedestrians wandering, packed rather tightly, more than just windowshopping. Young & old, male & female, quiet & boisterous. 07:17:43:- low angle MS of a man and woman standing at the railing of a patio overlooking the boulevard; a young couple, unaware of the camera surveying them. Cut to a tighter MS of the two in the same positions. Very low angle CU of a curly haired woman standing at the railing and looking down into the camera; she waves and even blows kisses. 07:18:07:- tight LS of a busy outdoor cafe. MS's and tight LS's of crowds walking. MS and tight LS of a busy food cart. MS of vendor pushing cart down the street, away from cam. MS of a waitress working a table of an outdoor cafe. 07:20:47:- MS of an old homeless man walking slowly down the sidewalk: extremely hagard, dressed shabbily in rags; he appears to be on the verge of, in not already, total blindness. The camera tilts D his body length, still in MS. MS of a young couple looking at him with sorrow. Cut to a good angle (tight LS, 3/4 view) of the outdoor cafe, all the table and chairs occupied, a woman in a lime green dress walking by while smoking a cigar.