Red Fox

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PART TWO 06.35.30 Male brings chipmunk to the den, takes to top of the stump 06.36.35 Fox den used in the winter 06.37.16 Red fox on a ridge in the snow 06.37.45 Silver phase pup, close up standing, looks around, sits and scratches 06.40.03 Red adult shedding his winter coat, cooling in the shade 06.41.09 Young red fox at the den, late summer 06.41.32 Young red fox and adult 06.42.00 Young red fox eating a woodchuck, Young red fox and adult at the den Adult male at the den, winter coat almost shed out 06.47.08 Deer carcass fed upon by fox in the snow, bones & flesh visable 06.47.42 Adult on ridge in the snow 06.51.23 Adult on ridge, curls up and sleeps in the snow, close up 06.54.39 Pup on ridge (3 months old) 06.55.30 Pup runs up log 3 times 06.57.00 Red female squalls or barks while sitting on a rock 06.57.30 4 pups at the den, Pups fight and play 07.03.11 2 Pups at the den, both sit on a log together & their heads move in unison as they look at the same things 07.03.34 Male sleeping in a snowstorm, curled up & looking cold with snow accumulated on his fur