All Around The Town

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Illinois, USA
Year Shot:
1950  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
HSC 120
ON PREVIEW CASSETTE# 210306 An industrial film from the 1950's about the Model 40 Sweeper/ Street Cleaner, a large and curved fire engine red sweeper. Tons and tons of tight LS's of the machine in action, followed by MS's of its special features like the gutter sweeper, rear dump and leaf broom. This is an oscillating water broom street cleaner. Watch it take sharp turns and u-turns and hard cuts with "superb ease and handling" in both town and country. Lots of good shots of late 1940's model passenger cars, trucks, buses and streetcars. Tight LS's of the sweeper working in a zoo area, passing the polar bear cage, the monkey cage and the elephant cage (yes, the animals are visible and present). Tight LS of the sweeper working at an airport, passing by a commercial jet airliner.