Republican Convention

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San Francisco, California
Year Shot:
1956  (Actual Year)
00:34:51 - 00:36:16
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A festive atmosphere reigns as a confident GOP convenes in San Francisco. Delegates from all parts of the country arrive to proclaim themselves on the Ike's bandwagon, Washington's Governor Arthur Langley sets the campaign tone in his keynote address at the huge Cow Palace, a note of assurance. Establishing shot - Throngs of Republicans queue up to gain entrance into the Cow Palace. CUS - Chairman Joe Martin acknowledges the cameraman, press and the people. Who also waves back at him. MS - A large banner hangs from the building "Citizens For Eisenhower for Northern California". CUS - Young ladies express themselves and their admiration for President Eisenhower by holding up signs "We like Ike" and wearing dresses with "Ike" printed on the material. CUS - GOP Headquarters Hotel. MCUS - Vice President Nixon, Governor Knight and Senator Nolan. CUS - Vice President Nixon MS - Republican audience. LWS - The Cow Palace. MCUS - Governor Arthur Langley. Governor Arthur Langley key note address; "So the answer to the plaintiff question that hovered over the Chicago arena, along with a ghost of the pass is simple. The American people will, I believe and hope throw the Republicans out of office, the day, when if ever, they copy the Democrats and put the party first and America second."