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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[01.13.17] Mr. DEAN. Excuse me, May, before we leave Senator Inouye, may I just add one point? One thing missing in that description of the sequence of events is the fact that I, on the 15th, was asked by Mr. Ehrlichman to come in--- Mr. DASH. What month? Mr. DEAN. April of this year, the 15th of April of this year, I was asked to come in and see him'. I did not want to visit with him. That is when I sent a message to the President requesting I meet with him. I did meet -with him that night, on April 15, and that meeting is described, of course, fully in my testimony. Senator MONTOYA. Mr. Chairman, in view of the observations made in the memorandum submitted by the White House with the list of questions, and in view of the fact that the authorship of the memorandum is attributed to a Mr. Fred Buzhardt, I would like to request that the chairman in behalf of the committee, request the committee issue a subpena to Mr. Buzhardt so that he can inform the committee as to the source of the observations which led him to some of the conclusions in the memorandum. Senator ERVIN. My understanding is that Mr. Buzhardt is the counsel and I don't believe be claims to have any personal knowledge of any of these matters. In a great many instances, be cited depositions or statements of others. The Chair will take that under advisement and rule on it later. Senator BAKER. Mr. Chairman, before we conclude would it be in order for me to ask, in view of the rather extended testimony that Mr. Dean has now given us and now the certainty that his testimony will continue until tomorrow, -what plans the chairman might have for the remaining schedule for the committee this week and thereafter? Senator ERVIN. Well, it is apparent that -we will not finish with the witness until Sometime tomorrow at the most optimistic period. The next -witness -who has been tentatively scheduled for bearing was former Attorney General John Mitchell, and I do not believe that we could finish with Mr. Mitchell within the time allotted for meetings this week. I think it would be unjust, to the committee and the public and to Mr. Mitchell to have,, his testimony split between this week and, the next session by the 10-day period. I have talked to most of the members of the committee and they feel that under these circumstances we ought to complete the testimony of Mr. Dean and then recess until after the -week of July 4. Senator BAKER. Mr. Chairman, I entirely agree -with that. Senator ERVIN. In deference to the request made by Senator Montoya, I would like to ask the staff to address a request to Mr. Buzhardt as to whether he, is able to testify from his personal knowledge to any of the matters set forth in the statement. If he says he can, that he has personal knowledge of the matters, then we can subpena him. If he says he, has not, then we can refrain from so doing. Senator BAKER. In order to -make sure I understand the schedule outlined-by the way, I do entirely concur with it and I cannot speak for the members of the committee, but I understand they are in agreement with that, but it is my understanding that we will finish with the testimony of Mr. Dean on tomorrow or Friday, as the case, may be. But if we do conclude with Mr. Dean's testimony tomorrow, the committee -will stand in recess at the close -of business tomorrow instead of Friday, until -we reconvene again on Tuesday, July 10. Senator ERVIN. Yes. Senator BARER. Thank you, sir. Senator ERVIN. The, committee -will stand in recess until 10 o'clock in the morning. [01.17.34-MacNEILL in studio]