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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.50.50-The WHITE HOUSE questions insinuate that DEAN was involved, with LIDDY, in hatching the WATERGATE break-in scheme and a central figure in getting that plan funded-DEAN has testified to the contrary] Senator INOUYE. Mr. Dean, just prior to taking Mr. Liddy to meet Mr. Magruder in early December 1971, did you and Mr. Liddy not have a meeting with Mr. Egil Krogh and did you not at that time tell Mr. Liddy he would have $1 million for intelligence gathering at the committee? Mr. DEAN. I don't recall--I recall a meeting with Mr. Krogh and Mr. Liddy when I described the job, and I don't recall specifying a dollar amount as to what the, intelligence for dealing with demonstrators would be. I have no recollection of that, Senator, no sir. Senator INOUYE. This is my question: Is it a matter of recollection or did it actually happen? Mr. DEAN. Well, as--- Senator INOUYE. I am very much impressed by your power of recollection. Mr. DEAN. Well, as I say, I remember very well the meeting with Mr. Krogh. The meeting was at, the time I was describing the job to Mr. Liddy. 'The, thrust of the description of the job was the fact that he would be, the general counsel of the reelection committee. I said one of the responsibilities he would have would be for dealing with the potential problems of demonstrators. I don't recall at that time any extensive discussion at all as to, you know, how this plan would operate, what it would involve, what would be the, substance of it, because, I never did, in fact discuss this with Mr. Liddy at all. Senator INOUYE. Did you discuss any sums of money? Mr. DEAN. I may have told him at that, time whatever he feels is necessary will probably be allotted to him after he presents his plan but he didn't really have a plan in mind himself at that time. [00.52.46] Senator INOUYE. Wouldn't a sum of $1 million be significant enough for you to remember?, Mr. DEAN. That is--I have no recollection of $1 million, as I have repeated earlier. In fact, to the contrary that seems like an extremely high amount. Senator INOUYE. I will now return to the White House questions. [00.53.02-the WHITE HOUSE questions insinuate that DEAN was involved in keeping LIDDY at CRP so that he could carry out WATERGATE-DEAN has testified to the contrary] Mr. Dean, Mr. Magruder testified that in March 1972 'Mr. Liddy had threatened to kill Mr. Magruder and that Mr. Magruder made a decision to terminate Mr. Liddy's employment [Laughter.]. In this connection Mr. Magruder testified that he received a call from you encouraging him not to become personally concerned about 'Mr. Liddy and not to let personal animosity get in the way of Mr. Liddy's project. Did you in March intercede with Mr. Magruder on Mr. Liddy's behalf and, if so, since you have said you assumed Mr. Liddy's intelligence project died after your meeting in February, what was, the project of Mr. Liddy that you urged Mr. Magruder to give priority over his personal animosities? [00.53.50-DEAN responds, very calmly but emphatically, consistent with his previous statement] Mr. DEAN. I did not intercede for Mr. Liddy, in answer to that question, and I think I have described yesterday, I believe, it was yesterday, yes, that what happened is I was aware of the fact of a strained relationship between Liddy and Magruder. Mr. Strachan at one point called me and told me that there were serious difficulties between Liddy and Mr. Magruder and Liddy--Magruder wanted to fire. Liddy. I said well, that is a personnel problem for the reelection committee. They need a lawyer over there. that I suggested Mr. Mardian deal with the problem because I didn't was something worth taking to Mr. Mitchell. [00.54.37-The WHITE HOUSE questions allege that DEAN promised clemency to MAGRUDER in exchange for MAGRUDER'S perjured testimony for the grand jury] Senator INOUYE. Mr. Dean. Mr. Magruder testified wider oath that Prior to his; August 16 grand jury appearance at a meeting in your office, you told him that if the worst happened everything you be taken care of, even executive clemency. Did you make such a promise of Executive clemency to Mr. Magruder as he testified and, if so. did you have authority from anyone else to make such an offer or was it On your own initiative. Mr. DEAN. YOU say the date was August 10? Senator INOUYE. Yes. sir. [00.55.17] Mr. DEAN. Well, I can recall on numerous occasions that, Mr. Magruder was very worried. he -was very shaky at some stages. As I alluded earlier, or discussed earlier. the fact that the strategy that had been developed, that Mr. Haldeman -Mr. Ehrlichman were quite aware Of was that stop the case -with Liddy. That is why apparently they made the decision to keep -Mr. Magruder on at the reelection committee contrary to my recommendation that he be removed. There were a number of occasions that they asked me how was he doing and the like, and I would say, you know, he is either calm today or upset today or the like. [00.56.01-DEAN contends that his discussion of clemency with MAGRUDER was not a promise or a suggestion but idle speculation] I do recall his having a conversation with me: What happens if this whole thing comes tumbling down, will I get Executive clemency and will my family betaken care of? And in a manner of not serious import or serious discussion I said something to the effect, "I am sure you will." But I wouldn't call that what I would consider a firm offer of Executive clemency and it was not in that, context at all, he didn't specifically ask "Will I get Executive clemency"--he was just saying he wanted assurances.