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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[01.19.15-DEAN responds to a question that insinuates he lied about trying to get the CIA to give assistance to the Watergate Defendants] Mr. DEAN. I recall I did make those requests and as I say, the omission was not intentional. I have never really read in full General Walters' depositions. So the answer is that in fact, I recall that, that was discussed. Senator INOUYE. And it was not intentional? The omission -was not intentional? Mr. DEAN. No, sir. In fact, I recall that they were in the paper and I decided I didn't want to read them and then tailor what I had to say around what Mr. Walters had to say. Senator INOUYE. Mr. Dean. I believe you testified that on March 26, while you were at Camp David, you called Mr. Maroulis the attorney for Mr. Liddy, and asked for a statement by Mr. Liddy that, you had no prior. knowledge of the Watergate break-in. Is that correct? Mr. DEAN. That is correct, and I have so testified. [01.20.16-the WHITE HOUSE questions cast aspersions on DEAN'S motives in going to the prosecutors, suggesting he tried to get the drop on HALDEMAN and EHRLICHMAN to sell them out] Senator INOUYE. Now, you also testified, did you not,. that it was on March 28 that Mr. Haldeman called you to meet with Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Magruder and that it was at that time you became convinced You would have to look out for yourself Isn't, that correct? Mr. DEAN. That isn't my interpretation . I had decided while I was at Camp David, in fact before I went to Camp David. that I didn't have to watch out for myself, but I saw what others were doing and I realized that I ought to--well, as I say, I retained counsel up there initially and told him because Of the Los Angeles Times story, I retained him. At that, point in time, I told him I would like to talk to him when I got, back and suggested to him that he begin to think about a criminal lawyer. Senator INOUYE. If on March 26. after you, according to your testimony, had admitted to making payments to Watergate defendants to obstruct justice, offering clemency to defendants to obstruct justice and suborning perjury, you were still actively trying to build your defense having prior knowledge of the break-in on March 26, doesn't this demonstrate that throughout this affair, your motivation was to protect yourself against the criminal charge of authorizing and directing the Watergate break-in? [01.21.40] Mr. DEAN. The reason I sought the statement from Mr. Liddy is you will recall I testified that on the 25th, I learned there was going to be a story published in the Los Angeles Times that I had prior knowledge I felt that was libelous. I was trying to build what I thought would be a good defense or a good case if I decided I wanted to bring a libel action. In fact, I had mentioned that in my conversation with Mr. Maroulis also. Senator INOUYE. Mr. Dean, you stated that Mr. Maroulis called you back on the 29th of March and told you he could not get you the statement you wanted from Mr. Liddy. Did you record either of these telephone conversations you had with Mr. Maroulis? Mr. DEAN. Yes. The first telephone conversation -was recorded. It is almost inaudible, and I don't know if it is because of the form I recorded it in. I would be happy to turn it over to the, committee and if the committee can get off the tape what is on there, fine. I have been unable to. Senator INOUYE. Mr. Chairman, that was the last question from the White House. However, the White House has also submitted a short statement, I presume this is the closing statement, sir. Mr. DEAN. Do I have the opportunity to comment on the closing statement as well as the opening statement? Senator INOUYE. If you wish to, sir. Mr. DEAN. Thank you. [01.23.07]