US Planes Shipped By Battleship To Italy

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Year Shot:
1950  (Actual Year)
00:06:58 - 00:07:37
Tape Master:
Original Film:
US Planes Shipped By Battleship To Italy Forty fighters arrive aboard the USS Mindoro and are formally presented by Ambassador Dunn. They are the first shipment to arrive to assist in the defense of western Europe. MC Of a battleship and you see the propellers of three planes with wings folded. (I do not think there was a USS Indoor) MS Side view of the battle ship, planes on top with wings folded. An American blowing in the wind. OHS Sailors are dressed in their whites. I would venture to guess over 100 men. Planes are in the background with wings folded. MLS Of a high ranking officer addressing the people. Sailors and planes are part of the shot. MCU High ranking naval officer hands off a flag to a civilian who in turn hands off the flag to another civilian. MCU Sailors in their whites standing at attention. A sailor climbs on to one of the parked planes on board this battleship, removes the American flag and replaces it with a Canadian flag. MCU the front of the battleship, planes parked on top, American flag blowing in the wind.