Congress Doubtful Seats

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United States of America
Year Shot:
1950  (Actual Year)
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Congress Doubtful Seats Although the Democrats retain a working majority in congress, as of this moment, the contested election results in some states may affect that majority. In New York, W. Kingsland Macy, center in the controversial Hanley letter affair, appears to have lost out to his Democrat rival. And in Michigan, Governor Williams, who seemed defeated at first, but wins in a close election. When the 82nd congress convenes under the capital dome it will have a closely divided partisan membership. In the senate only two votes separate the parties and one seat still in doubt that of democratic senator elect William Benton of Connecticut. This election is now before the courts for a recount. Should he lose, the Senate would be deadlocked at 48 for each party. OHS Election officials checking the ballots. MCU Impounded voting machines getting checked out by voting commissioners. CU Reprehensive Macy smoking a pipe. CU Earnest Freewood. CU Governor Williams. MLS Capital dome. OHS senate with the senators. CU Governor Raymond of New York. OHS The House 82nd congress. CUThe Capital.