Allies continue Drive Toward 38th Parallel

Korea - Japan
Year Shot:
1951  (Actual Year)
00:40:51 - 00:42:25
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Allies continue Drive Toward 38th Parallel With big guns blasting a path, United Nations forces continue their cautions but steady advance on the 38th Parallel, taking a terrific toll of the enemy. America's first dead start the final journey to their homeland from Japan. MS Large cannon blasting at the hills of Korea. CU Soldier telling the cannon operators to fire. MLS Exploitations going off in the hills of Korea from the cannon. Two soldiers firing a machine gun. CU Soldier talking on a walkie-talkie. MCU Dead North Koreans and Red Chinese. Two soldiers walking on the side of railroad tracks looking down into the ditches at the deal soldiers. Captures Red Chinese and North Koreans. General Ridgeway and General Bradley. CU American platoon walking down the road. Soldiers have their riffles on their shoulders. MLS American Marines and sailors standing at attention on a pier in Yokohama Japan paying their last respect's to the fallen Americans. Mrs. MacArthur. Different branches of the service lay down wreaths. MCU United States transport takes the fallen soldiers away.