The Word From Toronto, Canada Is Short Hair Is In

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Toronto, Canada
Year Shot:
1951  (Actual Year)
00:01:36 - 00:02:27
Tape Master:
Original Film:
The Word From Toronto, Canada Is Short Hair Is In The world is 'shorter hair for '51', according to leading hair stylists convening in Canada. Take a gander at some of the coiffures dished up by the experts, and you'll see what we mean. Establishing shot - Hair stylist combing and fussing about with hair models hair. MCU A male stylist is combing in the finishing touches on a model's hair do. CU Model's head shot and the stylist hands fixing her hair. Model's hair-do called fantasy (it looks like a very complicated hair-do) CU Hair-do especially created for cocktail parties. Dark haired model, her hair do is of Greek influence. CU Hair is combed back with flowers coming off the top. CU This dark haired beauty is sporting a Mr. Spock look alike hair do, it won first prize. Nothing like wearing your hair made into a bridge with little cars and busses going through plus there's an extra bonus of two cars parked on top of the model's head highlighted by a stop sign. CU This model has her hair combed back accented by feathers.