Sports: Oregon, Timber Carnival.

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Albany, Oregon
Year Shot:
1951  (Actual Year)
00:50:53 - 00:52:48
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Original Film:
Log rolling, sawing contests and high-flying tree climb feature the annual woodsmen's carnival. Never-ending thrills for 40,000 spectators, who see some splashes, bouts with fatigue and precipitous plunges from tall trees. One competition involves two men on a log on the water, and the men are walking (rolling the log) and trying to maintain balance while throwing the opponent's balance off. Informal crowd sitting on the ground applauds. Nice unusual view, high angle POV of tree climber from above him on the tree/pole. Dangerous stunt -- tree climber essentially plummets to the ground without braking himself against the tree, so he can win. Establishing shot - Two lumber jack standing on a log, one on each side, in the water, rolling the log. As it turns out, the both of them go into the drink. MS - Spectators applauding. MS - Eddie is meeting Brother Jim, Brother Jim goes into the drink and Eddie Heiren is the new champion of log rolling. MS - Wood sawing contest. MS - The tree climb, 100 feet to the top. Flag drops and down they come, and Melcome Harper wins the tree climbing event.