Bats and Balls: Butterflies

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Costa Rica
Year Shot:
1997  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
06.00.18.- MS's of a small man-made waterfall/pool. Tight LS's of large pool, people wandering about. 06.03.27.- MS's man standing in a large man-made waterfall near the pool, water crashing on him. 06.04.34.- tight LS's people in canoes on small lake. 06.05.07.- MS/CU's butterflies flying in some sort of sanctuary. 06.07.42.- CU brown butterfly on a leaf. Wide CU's brown & white butterfly spreading its wings. 06.09.48.- CU two brown & blue buterflies on a leaf. MS's butterflies flying. 06.10.57.- CU blue & brown butterfly on a leaf. CU several butterflies on a leaf (similar coloring). 06.12.40.- MS several butterflies on a thatched roof. CU's coccoon hanging from branch. More MS's in flight. 06.14.53.- wide CU black, orange and white butterfly on flower leaf. Tighter CU's, too. 06.16.19.- CU two large butterflies on two flowers. 06.17.07.- CU's yellow and brown butterfly. 06.18.53.- CU orange and black butterfly on leaf, exotic red flower beside it. 06.20.05.- CU blue and black butterfly. 06.21.34.- CU orange and black butterfly on a red exotic flower. CU several brown & blue butterflies. 06.23.38.- MS's of butterfly sanctuary.