Bats and Balls: Costa Rica

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Costa Rica
Year Shot:
1997  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
03.00.18.- tight LS's of a lush valley, drizzle barely noticeable among the trees, misty mountains in BG. 03.19.13.- tight LS's of geometric red and green hedges, a tree in the center. Nice landscaping. 03.19.56.- LS of hazy gray mountains, thin yet thick white clouds seemingly seeping from them. 03.22.58.- tight LS's of an outdoor hotel pool at night. CU's of tropical gardening by pool. 03.32.18.- wide LS of misty valley (mountains, low lying clouds, diaphanous sunlight). 03.34.43.- panning LS of scenic valley (not as hazy as last shot). 03.36.06.- tLS's of a hotel pool area, neighboring tropical landscaping (good moody shots; palms, mist, greenery). 03.41.09.- extremely hazy LS silouettes of trees. 03.41.42.- LS's of an unspecified stately building (hotel?). 03.43.30.- scenic LS's of valley and mountains (some pans). 03.48.56.- excellent LS's of gentle brownish river, mountains in BG. Break in clouds, sun shining brightly. 03.52.09.- MS of a large beehive clinging to a tree. Cut back to LS's of river, sun occasionally breaking clouds. 03.53.35.- tLS of stately building, a groundskeeper passing by with lawnmower in FG. 03.54.52.- more LS's (some MS's) of river and immediate surroundings. 03.58.36.- CU's vegetation and budding tropical flowers hanging to tree. 03.59.40.- high angle MS/CU of brownish river water. Level LS's of river.