Universal Newsreels - 100th Birthday of 1st Locomotive

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Honesdale, PA
Year Shot:
1929  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
TITLE: "Mark 100th birthday of first locomotive. Stourbridge Lion Centennial celebrations draws great crowd." Shot fo main street with line of cars parading., Street is lined with spectators. MS horse and carriages parading down street, also a float designed like a boat, a model steam train engine, people on bicycles with the large front wheel and the small rear wheel. ox carts and a horse pulled wagon full of people. TITLE: "Remember the high bikes?" CU of people riding abovementioned bikes with the huge front wheel. TITLE: "And the first gasoline buggies?" Great shots of the earliest automobiles (the horseless carriages). TITLE: "Monster locomotives of today" WS of steam engines on tracks. A few people working the tracks give perspective to the immensity of these locomotives. TITLE: "Mrs. Lewis, granddaughter of Horatio Allen, first RR engineer in America, unveils a monument to his memory." Lewis clumsily flings the American flag off the the stone and placard monument. CU of placard depicting first train engine. CU Lewis smiling awkwardly for the camera. WS crowd. TITLE: "Modeel of the Stourbridge Lion that made its frist trip from Honesdale 100 years ago.." CU model train with wheel turning.