Hiroshima One Year Later

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Hiroshima, Japan
Year Shot:
1946  (Actual Year)
00:35:52 - 00:37:04
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Hiroshima One Year Later Newsreel about the effects of the atom bomb on Hiroshima. MS/CUs Japanese engineers measuring radiation. MSs burn victims, child getting head bandaged by nurse. This is NOT the gruesome stuff seen in other documentaries that depict the total devastation & torturous physical condition that so many people were left in. TLS/MSs Japanese students in classroom one year after the blast.TLS/MSs hordes of people riding a trolley. Most of this footage is overexposed or just poorly transferred. VO: "...it's message of doom to an empire. Heat traveling at the speed of light cast a shadow over Hiroshima and over the land of the rising sun. These films, taken by the Japs & confiscated after the armistace tell a dramatic story of destruction & terror that followed in the wake of the first atom bomb loosed over a military target. 30% of the city's population was killed, some by radioactive gamma rays & others by the heat of radiation that showed its intensity in many freakish ways. And this is Hiroshima one year after (children at work in schoolroom). The release of these films by the United States Strategic Bombing Survey coincides with anniversary of the blast which hastened the end of the war. They show Hiroshima bearing the scars of atomic energy, still a city of rubble and destruction. A life of bare essentials is the lot of the little men who dreamed of world rule & ended up as host to Uncle Sam's occupation army. The trolleys are running but a year later it's still a city of the dead. First victim of the atom bomb."