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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.52.37-DEAN continues to discuss 1970 arrangements for DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE] 2. Housing. We discussed the appropriate housing of this operation and upon reflection, I that rather than a White House staffer looking for suitable space, that a professional intelligence person should be assigned the task of locating such space. Accordingly, I would suggest that a request be made that Mr. Hoover assign an agent to this task. In connection with the housing problem, I think serious consideration must be given to the appropriate Justice Department cover for the domestic intelligence operation. We discussed yesterday using IDIU as a cover and -as I indicated I believe that that is a most appropriate cover, I believe that it is generally felt that IDIU is already a far more extensive intelligence operation than has been mentioned publicly, and that the IDIU Operation cover would eliminate the problem of discovering a new intelligence Operation in the Department of Justice, However, I have reservations about the personnel in IDIU and its present operation activities and would suggest that they either be given a minor function within the new intelligence operation or that the Staff be, completely removed. I have had only incidental dealings with the personnel, other than Jim Devine, and cannot speak to their discretion and loyalty for such an operation. I do not believe that Jim Devine is capable of any major position within the new intelligence operation. However, I do believe that he could help perpetuate the cover and he has evidenced a loyalty to you, the Deputy, and other key people in the Department of Justice, despite his strong links with the prior Administration. I would defer to your judgment, of course, on any recommendation regarding Jim Devine's continued presence in such an intelligence operation, 3. Assistant to Attorney General. We also discussed the need for you to have a right hand man to assist in running this operation. It would seem that what Is needed is a man with administrative skills, a sensitivity to the implications of the current radical and subversive movements within the United States, and preferably, some background in intelligence work. To maintain the cover, I would think it appropriate for the man to have a law degree in that he will be a part of the Department of Justice. You suggested the possibility of using a prosecutor who had had experience with cases of this type. Accordingly, I have spoken with Harlington Wood to ask him to submit the names of five Assistant U.S. Attorneys who have had experience in dealing with demonstrations or riot type cases and who are mature individuals that might be appropriately given a sensitive assignment In the Department of Justice. I did not discuss the matter in any further detail with Wood other than to request the submission of some nominees. I would also like to suggest that we request names from the various intelligence agencies involved for personnel that might be appropriately involved in this activity or who might serve as your assistant. In summary, I recommend the following immediate actions. (1) You meet with Hoover, explain what must be done, and request his nominees for the interagency unit. (2) You request that Hoover assign an agent to the task of locating appropriate housing for the operations. (3) I request that other involved intelligence agencies submit nominees for the interagency unit. (4) I request from the agencies names of appropriate personnel for assignment to the operation. Finally, I would -suggest that you call weekly meetings to monitor the problems as they emerge and to make certain that we are moving this program into implementation as quickly as possible. It was signed, and had a note at the bottom: Bob Haldeman has suggested to me that if you would like him to join you in a meeting with Hoover he will be happy to do so. [END OF READING BY DEAN] Senator WEICKER. Thank you, Mr. Dean. Now, this, in other words, reefers to, that, portion of your statement yesterday when you say: "I wrote a memorandum requesting that the Evaluation Committee, be established and that the strings could be removed later, I told Haldeman that the only way to proceed would be one step at a time and this would be an important first step and he agreed." Mr. DEAN. That is correct. I might footnote that with the remark that I was quite aware Of a great interest in the matter, and after some discussions -with Mr. Huston, who still had a hope that the entire plan would be adopted, had reached the conclusion that there was no way the whole plan was going to be adopted and that the only thing that was essential was the, IEC and that this would satisfy everybody that we were at least doing something to solve the problem and this -was a first, step that seemed to solve or to resolve that pressure with everybody. Senator WEICKER. So, after this memorandum was written, you proceeded to set, up the IEC insofar as the structure, the placing of it, in the Internal Security Division, is that correct? Mr. DEAN-. I think what, happened is, and I am not terribly familiar with the, mechanics of how this actually did occur, I believe that Mr. Mitchell did have a conversation with Mr. Hoover and reached some agreement as to their participation. I don't know, how the decision was made to place it in the Internal Security unit, but I did learn about it at some point because they told me they had space that they had set aside in the Internal Security unit's office, which was separate and apart from the Department of Justice, the main Department of Justice. And I had learned that Mr. Doherty would be sort of the man that, would be heading the operation initially. [00.58.40]