The Golden West: The Story of the Gold Rush

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The Sierras
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00:00:30 - 00:02:57
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HSC 228
ON PREVIEW CASSETTE #991837 (00.00.30 - 00.02.57) This is just as the title implies, a (brief) history of the Sierra Gold Rush during the mid 1800's. Opens with EST shots of the Sierra Mountains, followed by LS's of wagon trains moving into the untamed territory. Tight LS of a town seemingly sprung overnight. MS's of men by the dozens swinging pickaxes, working the land for currency (gold). MS of a male banker working behind a steel cage in the bank. Tight LS inside a bustling saloon, people two steps from swinging from the chandeliers. Tight LS's of cowboys (bandits?) racing their horses through the countryside, then through town. Tight LS of a ghost town. Wide LS of a "modern" gold mine; MS's of men working on a hill of the mine, checking chunks of rock for gold. Excellent MS of a salty old timer-- long, greasy hair pushing from beneath a dirty, floppy hat; unshaven; long pipe hanging from his mouth-- inspecting a rock near the mine; he throws it on the ground; it splits open to reveal gold. Closes with more EST shots of the Sierra mountain range.