Vietnamese Snack Shop

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Hue, Vietnam
Year Shot:
1990  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
05:33:33:- MS's of Hai and a fellow male medical intern entering a restaurant for a quick lunch. Both are in white frock coats and caps. MS of them at the order window, but the clerk is much too impressed with the video crew, instead ignoring the medn altogether. MS's of the two taking a seat at a wood table. MS of a young waitress bringing two green glasses of a dark, herb-like liquid. CU's of them drinking and talking. NOTE: Vietnamese pop music plays loudly throughout this segment, much like Mexican music does in a Chicago tacqueria... and dig the Vietnamese version of Heart's hit ballad, "How Do I Get You Alone". MS's of the video producer talking with the two, showing them travel packets of medicine and what not. Good pinhole MS's of outside life, as seen through design holes in the restaurant's walls. CU's of the small notebooks they are flipping through. Good CU's of three local kids poking their heads through the holes in the walls. Wide MS of the two interns standing and waving to the waitress as if they need to leave. MS of the waitress organizing bottles behind the counter.