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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.13.51] Mr. DEAN. Subsequently, when he met, when Mr. Liddy met with Mr. Magruder on December 8, he also said that he would develop appropriate plans for dealing with demonstrators So It was quite logical and I assumed that Magruder felt given the fact that one of my White House responsibilities was to deal with demonstrators and with demonstration intelligence that I would be interested in seeing what Mr. Liddy's plan was, so I in turn was invited. Senator MONTOYA. Would you say that, your presence there was a follow-up of interest emanating first, from the initial memorandum that you sent Mr. Mitchell about the interagency group? Mr. DEAN. No, sir, I would not say there was any relationship between that memorandum and the Liddy meeting at all. Senator MONTOYA. NOW, at that initial meeting I understand from testimony. Mr. Liddy discussed possible targets and mentioned the DNC, the Democratic 'National Committee headquarters, the Fontainbleau Hotel, and Mr. O'Brien. Now, in what context were these three targets mentioned? Mr. DEAN. Well, as I said, I cannot recall for certain whether targets were discussed at the first meeting or flip second meeting. I am not able to separate the meetings as to that discussion. I know that I arrived very late at, the second meeting and I was only there, a very brief while before I injected myself into the meeting. Senator MONTOYA. I do not think that is relevant because the dates are too close. Mr. DEAN. Yes. Senator MONTOYA. But in what context when you heard it, were these targets discussed? Mr. DEAN. For political intelligence. Senator MONTOYA. And was a possible break-in into the Democratic headquarters discussed at that time? Mr. DEAN. Not a break-in. Just that these would be targets for or political intelligence. Senator MONTOYA. Well, would you not assume that that would involve a break-in, or pilfering of documents? Mr. DEAN. Yes, sir, I think that is true. I was aware of the fact that frequently a campaign technique was used to put friendly people, to one, cause in the campaign headquarters of another, It Was not all spelled out at that, point in time other than the fact these, would he targeted for political intelligence. [00.16.26] Senator MONTOYA. Well, would you not say that this Was coming very close to a discussion of what later became known as Watergate? Mr. DEAN. I -would, yes. Senator MONTOYA. All right. Now, you indicated that Mr. Mitchell and the President met frequently to discuss campaign plans. Where did they meet? Mr. DEAN. I only have that on hearsay, Senator. It was just one of those things it was rumored that Mr. Mitchell and the President and Mr. Haldeman and sometimes Mr. Connally and the like, would together in the evening and discuss general tactics. Senator MONTOYA. I think everybody in the country knows that they met. Mr. DEAN. I know it. I have no specific knowledge ; I never attended any of the meetings. Senator MONTOYA. I thought you knew about it. Mr. DEAN. That is right. Senator MONTOYA. Now, do you know whether or not the President met, with the Mitchells at their home? Mr. DEAN. I have no idea, senator. Senator MONTOYA. Do you know whether or not Mrs. Mitchell was ever present at, any of these meetings, be they at the Mitchell's home, at the White House or Key Biscayne or San Clemente? Mr. DEAN. I believe she did accompany the Attorney General, but could not tell you with any specificity that she attended any meetings with the President when the Attorney General was having these discussions with the President. Senator MONTOYA. I am very concerned, Mr. Dean, about the truth that might come out of these hearings and whether or not, your credibility will -be sustained by the American people or whether or not the President's will be sustained or tarnished, and that is why I am asking you these specific questions about the, reliability of press statements by the President, by Mr. Ziegler, and by statements that you have made in your testimony of yesterday. -Now, Mr. DEAN-. Senator, I just, Might add that I have one. ally only, and that is the truth as I know it and I can speak it, and I realize the implications when I talk about the President, that my one ally is the truth. [00.18.45]