"Skybolt" Decision - President Says Missile Is Failure

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Washington, D.C.
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1962  (Actual Year)
00:24:57 - 00:27:05
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"Skybolt" Decision - President Says Missile Is Failure At his news conference Mr. Kennedy says that the air-to-ground missile, the "Skybolt" has failed in five tests and may be abandoned. Britain is opposed to this for they are counting on it for their nuclear defense. President Kennedy walking past camera. Newsreel cameras, press. Natural sound of reporter asking President Kennedy question about the skybolt. B-roll of missile and plane. Press seated in auditorium. WS President Kennedy standing at podium at news conference. The President also touches on the rash of spoofs of the Kennedy family. President Kennedy raises arm and calls on reporter to ask question, "It's been a long time since a President and his family have been subject to such a heavy barrage of teasing and fun poking and satire. I mean there have been books, cartoon books with cleaver sayings, photo albums and now a smash hit record. Can you tell us whether you read and listen to these things and whether they produce annoyment or enjoyment? President Kennedy responds, "Annoyment. Uh no they, yes I have read them and listen to them. Actually I listened to Mr. (?) record and thought he rather sounded like Teddy than it did me. So he's annoyed." (funny, publicity)