New Weather Ship For Air Safety

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1963  (Actual Year)
00:21:49 - 00:23:10
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Still another aid to international air safety takes to the seas in the Netherlands. It is the 'Cumulus' which will be stationed off Iceland to relay weather reports to airliners. Also in the Netherlands, the Dutch test the British Hovercraft. They are interested in its use in this low-lying country. Holland The Christening of a new weather ship stationed in the North Atlantic near Iceland. MS - A group on board deck are applauding the completion of the Christening . MS - Camera is fixed on the outside view of the navigational station on the ship. MS - The antennas and radar of the ship. MCUS - Inside the navigating station a crew member is checking the gauges. MS - A radio probe balloon going up into the atmosphere. MS - Two ship crew members, the navigator and his assistant checking out and watching the controls. MS - Outside above deck you see part of the ocean, the ships chimney, the control station and a life boat hanging on the side of the ship. Back on the shore of the Netherlands men standing around the hovercraft. MS A demonstration of the Hovercraft going over land on a cushion of air and heading for the water. MS Hovercraft making its way through rough waters. Aerial shot - Water-way of the Netherlands.