Industrial labor and waste

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Havana, Cuba
Year Shot:
1996  (Actual Year)
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Cuba 28
Green pumps by shore Dirty dripping pipes and puddles in field (7), Men repair pot holes (13), Smoke stack Water (20) 00:08:55:- tight LS of green and red industrial oil pumps at work in an oil field on a hazy sunny day. Wide LS of same. DOF tight LS of three green and red industrial oil pumps at work, a blue body of water barely visible in BG of screen right. MS of a pump's main hydraulic mechanism circling around and around. 00:10:01:- great CU of a slimy silver shaft going in and out of an equally oily green well (part that pumps the crude from the earth. Low angle MS of the device in operation, positioned from a crane. 00:10:34:- tight LS of a green oil pumping plant. Lots of metal tubes and tanks. An oil rig pumps in BG, screen R. A sunny day, excellent cloud formations (nice composition). Tight LS of a section of the plant (in FG), the oil rig in BG. 00:11:02:- MS of the wheel value on top of a secluded oil tank. Tight LS of a tall, thin smokestack, a hearty plume of fire coming from it, in the middle of a secluded, wooded area near the oil plant; CU of the heat and fire pouring from the stack; MS of same. MS of black oil waste seeping from an oily pipeline into a stagnant creek; CU of the sludgy industrial waste trickling from the open valve and into the molasses brown creek. Wide LS of the fire, the pipe, the sky, woods, etc.