Product Shots - Everything Must Go Sale!

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United States
Year Shot:
1950  (Estimated Year)
01:06:35 - 01:08:50
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Product Shots - Everything Must Go Sale! CU of a small ceramic ladle decorated with classic 1950's organic design, a gloved handed reaches into the scene and snatches the pottery out of frame, shot is repeated. CU male display bust clothed in an oxford button-up shirt and striped tie, hand reaches into the scene and snatches the tie off the display. CU hand in a black glove pounding away on a typewriter, two gloved hands reach into the scene and snatch the typewriter out of frame. CU two hands pulling stacked cooking pots in opposite directions. MS elderly woman looking at what appears to be an old school air conditioning unit (AC), a man walks into frame and rolls the unit off screen from under the woman's nose. MS stream of people walking past camera with various domestic objects, only their torso area is seen as they walk by. MS of a plaid golf club bag. Title card reading 'SOLD.' Fly-eye view of golf bag. MS chair. Title card reading 'SOLD.' Fly-eye view of chair. MS kitchen stove. Title card reading 'SOLD.' Fly-eye view of stove. Illustration of a ranch style house. Title card reading 'SOLD.' Illustration of community of ranch style homes. Diamond montage: Brief MS woman in formal gown swaying back and forth, abstract slit-screen of shiny jewels with a metal lighter superimposed over them, CU dangling diamond earrings, abstract shot of sparkly jewels spinning rather quickly. MS table with place setting, a female hand reaches in and adjusts the silverware. Abstract kaleidoscope effect creating moving/merging shapes. MS automated lazy-susan revolving with various products, scene is made to look like a low budget party with sparse streamers. Weird cartoon drawing of a woman holding a lollypop. MS revolving lazy-susan. CU sunglasses displayed on a ceramic vase. CU automated revolving get-up displaying men's bowties. CU products on lazy-susan passing camera (polka-dot bowl, coffee pot and transistor radio are seen). MS vertical flyswatters moving past a cartoon illustration of a man sipping a soda through a straw. Illustration of man sipping a soda. CU products on lazy-susan moving past camera (Swiss army knife and drinking glass with playing card motif are seen). CU stack of bath towels moving past camera. CU ceramic rooster moving past camera. MS drinking glass revolving past camera. CU cooking pots revolving past camera. CU goofy figurine revolving past camera. ECU of product with abstract fish motif revolving past camera. ECU ring moving past camera. MS furniture sets moving past camera. MS revolving lazy-susan.