The Visual History of Cars: Thunderbird - Opening Montage

United States
Year Shot:
1989  (Actual Year)
00:59:56 - 01:00:54
Tape Master:
Original Film:
The Visual History of Cars: Thunderbird - Opening montage of various automobiles ranging from the 1890's to the 1980's. B/W archival of man driving 1890's buggy-like car. Color contemporary shot of 1920's era auto driving down the road. Boxy 1980's model convertible driving toward camera. B/W archival of Model T convoy driving along the road. Contemporary auto race in progress. B/W archival of buggy autos driving along road. Color 1980's sports car driving on snow toward camera. B/W archival of clunker spewing smoke as it chugs along road. Color 1980's car driving toward camera. Color tracking shot of front end of 1960's Ford Mustang. Elevated color pan over row of boxy late 1980's era cars on salt flat. Color contemporary shot of jeeps making jumps during dirt track race. B/W tracking archival of 1930's era sports car cruising along road. Color convoy of boxy 1980's era cars driving toward camera. Color 1980's VW convertible making a sharp turn. Color police jeep moving over rugged terrain. Color of slick red sports car driving toward camera. B/W archival 1920's Model T moving over bridge. Color late 1980's sedan moving toward camera. B/W archival mess of late 1920's era cars driving along street. Color tracking shot of 1980's tank of a car driving along road. Color 1950's era car driving toward camera. B/W archival of keystone cops stunt performed on 1920's era cars. CU car tire while driving. B/W archival of Model T cars circling a cop in the middle of the road. Color late 1980's Mercedes making a sharp turn. B/W archival 1920's era cars driving out of factory. Color elevated shot of highway packed w/1970's traffic. Color contemporary shot of black Corvette driving. B/W archival Model T's driving through urban intersection. Color contemporary stock car racing. B/W archival 1920's auto racing. Color 1970's/1980's BMW driving toward camera. Color boxy 1980's sedan driving toward camera. Color red sports car driving toward camera. B/W archival military jeep driving over rough terrain. Color 1980's Lincoln driving toward camera. Color contemporary stock car race. Title card.