Oswald in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Year Shot:
1963  (Actual Year)
01:00:04 - 01:01:49
Tape Master:
Original Film:
Great shots of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in 1963, distributing leaflets for Fair Play for Cuba. Excellent MSs LEE HARVEY OSWALD and Hispanic man handing out Fair Play for Cuba leaflets ("Hands off Cuba") on street corner in front of International Trade Mart across from Arden's Bar in New Orleans, August 16, 1963. Cut to MSs several slick-looking men-- CARLOS BRINGUIER and fellow Cuban exiles-- wearing sunglasses & business suits, descending stairs, entering courthouse for sentencing on Aug 12, 1963 (Bringuier & cronies attacked LHO for distributing pro-Castro flyers on Aug 9); MS Lee Harvey Oswald leaning against wall in lobby with arms folded, looking surly, pan left to Cuban exiles milling about; CU tattered, dog-eared copy of "Guidebook for Marines" being held by one of the Cubans; MS LHO in same position, looking briefly at cam; MS LHO exiting courthouse. Cut back to Aug 16, 1963: TLS International Trade Mart; MSs Oswald and two colleagues (one of them Charles Steele Jr.) distributing flyers outside Trade Mart-- this is the footage that conspiracy theorists allege that a figure in the BG is Clay Shaw (it's not) & two FG figures are Charles Rogers & Chauncey Holt. This segment is collectively known among JFK assassination buffs as the Johann Rush films.