The Porter Wagoner Show No. 318

The Porter Wagoner Show No. 318
Clip: 487527_1_1
Year Shot: 1970 (Actual Year)
Audio: Yes
Video: Color
Tape Master: 13317
Original Film: PW-318
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Timecode: -

(01:01:44)Porter Wagoner: "Dallas Bound" (01:03:49) Lonzo and Oscar "Out of Hand" (music/comedy) (01:09:06) Dolly Parton "Joshua" (01:11:59) Porter Wagoner "Love & Lies" (01:16:52) Porter introduces his fishing buddy, a painfully nervous Don Elliot (his expression throughout is a good illustration of the phrase, "Aw, Shucks"), displays some prized catches (01:17:49) Speck Rhodes (telephone comedy) (01:19:47) Porter Wagoner "You're Not Home Yet" - the requisite gospel number, performed in a half spoken word, heart-felt style (01:24:31) Lonzo and Oscar "Ants A Go-Go" (music\comedy) (01:27:10) Porter et al for the outro, featuring Speck Rhodes on the standup bass - oh yeah, I bet he's a regular Charles Mingus on that thing. Funny how he doesn't seem to be playing actual chords....