Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 27, 1973

.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.17.13-DEAN continues to introduce documents into evidence concerning the ENEMIES LIST and efforts to use the government to "screw" those enemies] Mr. DEAN. The next exhibit, which I will call B, is a memorandum from Charles Colson to me, dated June 12, 1972, regarding tax discrepancies in the income tax return of Mr. Harold T, Gibbons, vice president of the Teamsters Union, in which Colson indicates that be is an all-out enemy, a McGovernite and an anti-Nixon person. and he believes that there should be, an audit started at once. and if there is an informer's fee, he would like to know because, he believes there is a good cause in which that informer's fee can be donated to. [Laughter.] Mr. DEAN-. The next, document is a memorandum from Charles Colson dated November 17, 1972, regarding the fact that he has received information from an informal, some information regarding Mr. Jack Anderson referring to the fact that Mr. Anderson was found in a room with certain wiretap in private--wiretap equipment in connection with the Dodd investigation. [00.18.40] Mr. DEAN. The next, memorandum is a document from Mr. Caulfield to me, dated August 12, 1971, in which Mr. Caulfield briefly indicates that he has talked with Mr. Nofziger to come up with a candidate to assist, in the enemies project. Mr. DEAN. The next is a copy of a memorandum of 16, 1971 that was prepared for Mr. Haldeman Mr. Ehrlichman, and others at the White House by myself, which addresses itself to the general problem of dealing with political enemies and a strategy which would involve a number of members of the White, House staff in various phases of that project to deal with political enemies. [00.19.30] Mr. DEAN. The next is a document dated September 9, 1971, it is from Charles Colson to John Dean, in which Mr. Colson has checked in blue those that he would give top priority on the enemies' list, and an attached series of lists that were prepared by Mr. Colson's office of what were deemed opponents or political enemies. [00.20.10] Mr. DEAN. The next is a memorandum dated September 14, 1971, which is a memorandum from myself to Larry Higby which attached the names that he had requested in connection with the political enemies project and a limiting of that list to some 20 names. These were names which were based on the suggestion of Mr. Colson. Mr. DEAN. The next is a section of the news summary, of what date I don't know. It is from Mr. Higby to me, indicating that DNC Treasurer Robert Strauss should be on the list. Mr. DEAN. The next is a document. dated September 17 from Gordon Strachan to me indicating that the attached list should be included in the political enemies project. And there is attached a list. Mr. DEAN. The next is a memorandum from Gordon Strachan dated October 26, 1971, to me, indicating that Mr. Nofziger sent the attached information on Chet Huntley to Mr. Haldeman and that since I have the action on the, political enemies project I should make a determination of what should happen and advise Mr. Nofziger of -what should happen. Mr. DEAN. The next is a memo from Gordon Strachan of November 5, 1971 subject J. Irwin Miller which indicates that he fits into the enemies project. [00.22.22]