Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 27, 1973

.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.39.58-GURNEY tries to discredit DEAN by questioning his personal use of campaign cash which was placed in his custody] Senator GURNEY. Now then let's go to October, going along there in chronological fashion, and the money that was turned over to you, the $15,200; now why were you put in charge of that money? Mr. DEAN. I Can't answer that question. I know that Mr. Strachan and Mr. Howard brought it to me, on the week of June 19, 1 think it was the, 20th or 21st they brought it to me. Senator GURNEY. Who brought it to you? Mr. DEAN. Mr. Strachan, Gordon Strachan and Mr. Richard Howard. Senator GURNEY. What were, their instructions? Mr. DEAN. Mr. Strachan told me that these are funds that had not been expended, they -were in Mr. Howard's custody and asked me to take custody of the money and I told him I would. I told Strachan I would tell him what, you know I would remain accountable for the money. [00.40.50] Senator GURNEY. Now then, I Understand that you withdrew $4,850 from it. Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Senator GURNEY. And that you placed in it, what -was it, a packet of money? Mr. DEAN. When I took it out. I took out., I was seeking to take out about $5,000. I thought that would cover my expenses. I might put this in context: When my prospective bride, came, back I was working around the clock on this, I had been given a couple of assignments. I was supposed to get the minister or I was looking for a judge to do that, and also to get some wedding music, because the wedding was going to be held a home. Come, Thursday I hadn't even gotten a chance to take care of these matters. I had made, some preliminary calls and had to get another member of my staff to go out, and find somebody to perform the ceremony on Friday, and I sent my secretary to go out and find -wedding music. I didn't, exactly sit down and plan this thing out and realized I would not, have money to pay for the honeymoon and expenses to occur -and this was a very easy thing for me to do and reach in and take, out -what I thought I would need at that time. [00.42.07] Senator GURNEY. Well, my question was, "Was the money in a packet or envelope, the whole $15,200? Mr. DEAN. It was in two envelopes. I had replaced it. I had put them both into one envelope, and put them in my safe. Senator GURNEY. Then you put your check for $4,850 in this envelope? Mr. DEAN. After I counted out what I thought, -was going to be roughly $5,000 and it came, up to $4,850. I put a check, wrote a check out and put it in, wrote, it to cash. Senator GURNEY. How were you going to spend the $4,850? Mr. DEAN. Well, to the best of my recollection--- Senator GURNEY. Will you just, generally tell US. Mr. DEAN. Yes. To the best of my recollection I had made reservations for an accommodation in Florida that was going to run roughly $100 a day. I had hoped to spend about 2 weeks down there. I also had food expenses, I was going to have people come in and do the serving, and travel expenses, and I assumed that just $5,000 would cover it. Senator GURNEY. It Seems like a lot of money for a honeymoon. [Laughter.] I am really trying to find out a just rough idea of how you were going to use all that money? Mr. DEAN. Well, Sir, as I say I also was having, my yard done that day and I thought I might have to pay having dirt' delivered; my patio had been repaired. I had a whole host of other expenses I thought was going to be hit with that night when I walked in. Senator GURNEY. You can't give a better explanation of how you were going to spend $4,850? Mr. DEAN. Well, as I say, I was told that the backyard was going to cost about $500. I thought about $2,000 for the honeymoon and I didn't know what it was going to cost to have people that would do the serving and the like so I just took what I thought would be, a safe amount to cover all my expenses. Senator GURNEY. I recall in Your testimony that you said that you had neglected or forgotten to get some money out of an account in New York, and that is why that YOU took the $4,800, is that correct?, Mr. DEAN. That is correct, I from time to time would call my broker when I felt I needed money and just ask him to send me money. Senator GURNEY. This was a brokerage account? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Senator GURNEY. Where is it or where -was it? Mr. DEAN. Shearson & Hamill in -New York City. Senator GURNEY. What, was the broker's name handling it? Mr. DEAN. Mr. Arnold Katz. Senator GURNEY. Did you ever call him for $4,850 to replace this? Mr. DEAN. Not Until early this year. I mean not early this year, it was in March or April of this year, Senator GURNEY. Now then, of course, you really went on the honeymoon, did you, except for a short time? Mr. DEAN. I made several attempts but did not make it. Senator GURNEY. Well, what did you do with the $4,850? Mr. DEAN. Well. as I said, at one point in time, well. I began using it for personal expenses [00.45.27]