Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 27, 1973

Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 27, 1973
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Year Shot: 1973 (Actual Year)
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Location: .Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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[00.49.45-His attempts to portray DEAN as an embezzler foiled, GURNEY attempts to cast aspersions on DEAN'S dealings with his own attorneys] Senator GURNEY. Let us go into the business, of attorney's fees. Well. first of all, was not you your lawyer originally Mr. Hogan? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Senator GURNEY. And then you changed from 'Mr. Hogan to whom? Mr. DEAN. Well, I began discussing with Mr. Hogan who is a very able lawyer, who has had some criminal experience. on March 25, who he would suggest is a very fine criminal lawyer. We talked about, I told him that I wanted to have a very fine criminal lawyer to go Over a lot of these things to get some independent counsel on. Mr. Hogan, who is also from, has a suburban practice, told me, about Mr. Shaffer. I had known Mr. Shaffer from some years ago, We had had a casual acquaintance. Where we had met, I do not know how many years ago, three or four, I guess it has been, and I liked him when I met him, I knew he, had been a prosecutor. and enjoyed a good reputation in that regard. I also called on the 28th and 29th several other friends to ask them who they might suggest as a very capable criminal lawyer that could assess this situation for me. I wanted them to look at my problem and everybody else's problem and that had never been done based on the facts that I knew. So Mr. Hogan was my initial lawyer. Mr. Hogan dropped out, of the case because he had a conflict of Interest because he had represented 'Mr. Colson at one stage and he realized that, when my conversations went on it might get on into Mr. Colson. so he withdrew and about that same time Mr. McCandless was retained. Senator GURNEY. Is Mr. Shaffer chief counsel or Mr. McCandless? Mr. DEAN. I think they are cocounsel and Mr. Shaffer and Mr. McCandless work together very closely. [00.52.07-GURNEY seems to be trying to suggest that DEAN is manipulating his attorneys in some improper way] Senator GURNEY. Have you paid them a retainer? Mr. DEAN. They have sent me a bill I have not paid. Senator GURNEY. Did you handle any other cash during the campaign other than the $15,200 that you testified to? Mr. DEAN. Did I personally handle it? No. sir, I did not. Senator GURNEY. Have you received any payment from anybody this year or last year other than the Income which you received from your employment or your brokerage accounts. Mr. DEAN. I have had reimbursements from the Government and I had a reimbursement from the Re-Election Committee for an expenditure for the convention but those were the only reimbursements. Senator GURNEY. Turning now to--- Mr. DEAN. You said also my brokerage 'firm, I guess it was this year that I made a substantial profit on a home, I owned. I had bought a house at, in the neighborhood that Senator Weicker has recently moved into, I might add, where, I was one of the first persons in the neighborhood, and they were almost giving the houses away at that point in time. I bought the house, encouraging a lot of my friends to buy houses also, and we were able to negotiate by bringing the number of people in simultaneously, a rather good purchase price. Within 11, 12 months I had made a $15,000 -profit on one home and was able to buy another home and pay for the furniture in the second house. [00.53.56-GURNEY desperately wants to make DEAN out to be a crook] Senator GURNEY. Is it my understanding that the committee is being furnished a full financial statement by the, witness? Mr. DASH. We Will so receive, one, Mr. DEAN. I have not been asked for one. I would be perfectly willing. My records are in the White House, my own records are down there with everything else and I might add that I would be perfectly welcome for any audit or any examination that I understand Mr. Bellino, who is with the staff, and would welcome, his full and thorough analysis of all my Financial holdings or dealings and the like. [00.54.33]