Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, June 27, 1973

.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.17.40-DEAN responds to GURNEY'S attempts to construe a trip to CAMP DAVID by DEAN as an assignment to produce a report on Watergate. DEAN says that he was not asked to produce a report.] Senator GURNEY. At any rate, you did go to Camp David, sort of understanding that you were going to write a report, about Watergate, is that right? Mr. DEAN. No, sir. When the President, talked to me on the 23d, I had talked to O'Brien that morning about the fact that in court, Mr. McCord's letter had been read by Judge Sirica. O'Brien reported from somebody who had told him at the courthouse. I called Ehrlichman, and Ehrlichman said he, had a copy of the letter and read me a copy of the letter and asked me what my assessment. of it was. Based on my conversation with O'Brien, I told him that it seemed at best that McCord has is hearsay. It was then much later. It, was, oh, in the afternoon, I guess, 1 or 2 O'clock or so. I was still surrounded by the press at home because of the Gray statement the preceding day; they wanted me to make a comment on it. and I didn't want to do that. I received a call from the President. There are some details of that conversation of a personal -nature to the President that, the first family, that I don't want to put in because they are not, relevant. But I recall the conversation very clearly because there were some complications because, Mrs. Nixon and Tricia were up there at the same time. The President said, "Well, go on ahead. You need the break, you have been under a lot of pressure' and the like. He never at any time asked me to write a report, and it -wasn't until after I had arrived at Camp David that I received a call from Haldeman asking me to write the report up. [00.19.16-DEAN argues that he was never ordered to write a complete report] If I was going to go up and write a report, I would have gone to my--there was general discussion also of preparing a Segretti report, as I recall. If I had gone to Camp David specifically to -write a report, I would have gone to my office first and collected an awful lot of materials that I didn't take with me, which I subsequently had to call back for in order to write a report. [00.19.44-GURNEY questions DEAN about events leading up to his decision to go to the prosecutors-DEAN contends he did so because he was going to be set up by EHRLICHMAN and HALDEMAN] Senator GURNEY. It -was shortly after this, though, that, then you engaged counsel, is that correct? Mr. DEAN. On the evening -I believe it was Sunday evening, I received word that that the, Los Angeles Times was going to publish a story that I had had prior knowledge of the fact that there was going to be a break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters on June 17. Now, I know I hadn't had prior knowledge of that. In fact, I don't think anybody other than those involved had prior knowledge of the fact, that there was going to be a break-in. I thought it was libelous. I called Mr. Hogan, told him, explained in generalities the facts. and he put the papers on notice. that there was a libel suit, in this matter. At that time, I also told him that I wanted to talk to him further about this, and we had further conversations while I was up there, about the general situation. So the counsel was retained at that time. Senator GURNEY. date was What that? Mr. DEAN. That was on the 25th, as I recall. Senator GURNEY. GURNEY. Y. And that was Mr. McCandless, and Mr.---- Mr. DEAN. No, that was Mr. Hogan. Senator GURNEY. 'Mr. Hogan? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Senator GURNEY. When did you employ Mr. McCandless and Mr. Shaffer? Mr. DEAN. Mr. Shaffer was employed on the 30th. Senator GURNEY. Of March? Mr. DEAN. Of March. Senator GURNEY. And Mr. McCandless? Mr. DEAN. I don't know precisely. It was after Mr. Hogan withdrew. It was sometime in April, mid or late April, to the, best of my recollection. Senator GURNEY., Then my understanding of the testimony is that on April 2, your attorneys or Mr. Shaffer went to see the Federal prosecutors, is that correct? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Senator GURNEY. What -was the purpose of that? Mr. DEAN. To tell them that I was prepared and ready to come forward. Senator GURNEY. And when did you go and talk, to them? Mr. DEAN. Well, I believe that Mr. Shaffer and Mr. Hogan had a number of meetings where, they outlined the scope of my testimony. I had spent, several hours with both of them outlining my involvement with myself and the involvement of others. I had deferred from getting into any Presidential areas, Senator ERVIN. The committee will stand in-- Senator WEICKER. Mr. Chairman, I have a request. up there. Mr. DASH. Yes. [00.22.13]