Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activiti...

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.Caucus Room, Russell Senate Office Building
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1973  (Actual Year)
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[00.56.01-DEAN identifies more White House documents for the record, concerning the ENEMIES LIST] The next document is a page of a news summary. I don't know the date of the news summary. It has a notation on the top, "Dean/L," Mr. DASH. When you say news summary--- Mr. DEAN. This is the daily news summary that is prepared for the President and distributed to various members of the White House staff. The "Dean/L" indicates that it -was to me from Mr. Higby and he has encircled DNC Treasurer Robert Strauss, with a note, "Is he on our list? Or should he, be?" Mr. DASH. Did you respond to that? Mr. DEAN. NO, sir; I did not. As I say, most of these merely went into a file in my office, where I just gathered them. The next document I have is a document entitled "Corporate Executives Committee for Peace, Trip to Washington, June 25, 1970," with a list of names, This was another document that was sent as a part of one of the continuing updates. Mr. DASH. What is the source Of that document? Mr. DEAN. That would have been from Mr. Colson's office. The next document is entitled "Democratic Contributors of $25,000 or More, in the 1968 Campaigns" -from June 20, 1971, New York Times story with certain names checked on the list. This is a document that came, again, from Mr. Colson's staff. Next is a series of documents that relate to Muskie contributors. Part of it is cut off on the top here in the xerography process and this document was forwarded to me from Mr. Colson's office also. [00.58.33] The next document begins--it is a blank sheet of paper, which is briefing paper that I was requested to prepare for Mr. Haldeman so that he could deal with the Secretary of the Treasury with regard to making the Internal Revenue Service politically responsive to the White House. This document was prepared--the top document was prepared by myself; I, the attached document was prepared by Mr. Caulfield based on Conversations he had had with individuals in the Treasury Department as well as the last document was prepared by Mr. Caulfield as a result -of conversations he had -with people in the Treasury Department and in the Internal Revenue Service. Mr. DASH. That was prepared by you with Mr. Caulfield's assistance to be delivered to Mr. Haldeman? Mr. DEAN. That is correct. Mr. DASH. Was it delivered to Mr. Haldeman? Mr. DEAN. Yes, it -was. The last document for identification is the Memorandum dated August 16, 1971. It was a draft in my files in which I was asked to prepare a strategy for dealing with political enemies that involved the entire. White House staff, and it was sent forward, to the best of my recollection to Mr. Haldeman and Mr. Ehrlichman for approval, disapproval or comment, Now, without going to my files in the While House, I can't tell you the disposition of this document. [01.00.11]